Make Online Student ID Card by Google Form

नमस्‍कार दोस्‍तो,

इस ब्‍लॉग में हम आपको बहुत ही सरल भाषा में बतायेगें की किस प्रकार गुगल शीट , गुगल फॉर्म एवं गुगल स्‍लाईड की मदद से किस प्रकार स्‍टुडेन्‍ट की ऑनलाईन आई0डी0 कार्ड बनाया जाता है ा

How to Make Online Student ID Card by Google Form and Web App Script

In this blog, we will tell you how the student's ID card is made online automatically. Therefore, you read the entire blog carefully and learn to make the student's ID card according to the given guidelines.



 Make Student ID Card Demo

Demo App

 Search Your ID Card

Step 1 :- Click to Google Sheet Copy With Source Code


Step 2 :- Click to >> Extensions >> App Script >>

Step 3 :- Create Two File

Step 4 :- Copy of code and Paste to File and Paste to Web App Script Editor and Change Google Sheet ID and Google sheet Name


Step 5 :- Copy of Index file and Paste to index.html file and Paste to Web App Script Editor


Step 6 :- Line No 22  Paste your Google Sheet ID

Example :- Sheet ID/edit#gid=0

Step 7 :- Copy ID Card Template Template Copy



Step 8 :- Google Form Copy Google Form


Step 9 :- Click to Google Sheet >> Extensions >> Add-ons >> Get Add-ons >>

Search AutoCrat and Install


More Detail See Video :-






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